Mystic Pizza Box

Mystic Pizza Box
A slice of heaven

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Tweet from Toni

Here's a recent tweet from Toni Jorgensen, owner of the RIB CITY barbecue restaurant in Utah. She was at the meet and greet at Joe's Pub on July 22, 2010 when I first met her brother, Vincent D'Onofrio. Vincent had performed onstage earlier in the evening, along with Sam Bisbee and Laura Cantrell in a benefit concert for the Heroes Health Project. That was the first time I also got to see George Geronimo Gerkie in person! lol

That night I presented Vincent with the coloring books hand drawn by my brother Alberto and several other gifts inside a pizza box from the Mystic Pizza restaurant in Mystic, Conn. That event and what followed are what inspired me to create this blog in the first place. I was jazzed to hear from Toni, especially the news that Vincent still has the pizza box! Personally autographed by me, of course. :D

Twitter / Sapphire902's Favorites: "@tonikj Antoinette @Sapphire902 I was there in ny with the mystic pizza box it's at his house along with our family history stayed up 2 3am reading the book. 27 Mar via Twitter for iPhone Unfavorite Retweet Reply"


  1. Wow, that's great Blanca! I can see why you're jazzed...