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Mystic Pizza Box
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Pics from the set of "The Last Street in Manhattan" 4-25-2011

LO:CI crew truck where Vincent posed for a recently published photo while standing inside.

Mannahatta Park sign on Front Street and Wall Street

Dr. Theo Kendall trailer

Dr. Sam Harris trailer

Vincent in rehearsal

Vincent and guest star in rehearsal

LO:CI cast rehearsal on Wall Street

Vincent and Kate on set

Kate on set.

Vincent takes a break.

Vincent relaxes.

Vincent chills.

Vincent and two adoring young fans.

Another cast rehearsal

The cast rehearses

Erika Hampson on set.

Erika Hampson observes LO:CI cast rehearsal

LO:CI cast rehearsing

Mannahatta Park fountain on South Street

Wall and Water Street signs

Wall Street sign at Front Street

Yes! A nearby Starbucks.

Detective Goren trailer (no label on door)

Vincent's Escalade on Water Street

Detective Eames trailer

Vincent had better stay away from this truck (LOL)


  1. It's really funny to have the character names at the trailers. Thanks again for your impression Blanca

  2. As always great pics Blanca. Thanks a lot x

  3. I'm sure they used his Escalade in Loyalty. In that scene where he was at the warehouse where the weapons were.

  4. Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing them!