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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet Up 4-10-2011 Brooklyn Brewery tour & rooftop photo shoot

We took a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery this afternoon and enjoyed a delicious barbecue lunch afterwards. We also visited the rooftop of Jonathan's apartment building on Berry Street, just around the corner from the brewery on North 11th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The weather was overcast and chilly, unlike yesterday. We met up outside the brewery at 1 PM and hung out inside until the tour began at 2 PM. Dan, our tour guide, gave us a history of the Brooklyn Brewery and explained the process of brewing fresh beer from the "best brewing water" available, namely, Brooklyn tap water. Cool! Interesting tidbit-the artist who designed the BB logo also created the I Heart NY logo and also designed concert posters for Bob Dylan, among others. As payment for designing the BB logo, he received free beer for life! Must be some great parties over at his place.LOL

After the tour we had lunch at the brewery after ordering take-out from the barbecue joint nearby. The pulled pork sandwich was great! I met several interesting people this afternoon, including Karen, who lives in Brooklyn Heights and works as a safety supervisor in construction. I can't recall everyone's name from the group, which is to the good, I think. The conversation during lunch turned crude pretty fast, with fart and sex jokes galore, which is not my style. Jonathan kept apologizing to me, which made things more awkward. Too much beer, probably, since he got sick later and went home to sleep it off, leaving us on the roof of his building. Well, I got some great pics and had an adventure I won't soon forget. No harm, no foul. LOL

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