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Thursday, June 30, 2011

ROCK 101.9 RXP - Happy Birthday to Pinfield’s bff Vincent...

ROCK 101.9 RXP - Happy Birthday to Pinfield’s bff Vincent...

"Criss Angel talks search for next Mindfreak, new site" by Robin Leach: Luxe Life | Vegas Deluxe

"Criss Angel talks search for next Mindfreak, new site" by Robin Leach: Luxe Life | Vegas Deluxe

.: Reelblog :.: Interview: ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’ Executive Producer & Showrunner Chris Brancato

.: Reelblog :.: Interview: ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’ Executive Producer & Showrunner Chris Brancato

.: Reelblog :.: D'Onofrio: 'It's odd' to see 'Law & Order: CI' end

.: Reelblog :.: D'Onofrio: 'It's odd' to see 'Law & Order: CI' end

Can the 'Law & Order' franchise survive the quiet end of 'Criminal Intent'? - Philadelphia Movie & TV |

Can the 'Law & Order' franchise survive the quiet end of 'Criminal Intent'? - Philadelphia Movie & TV |

Just one more thing...

Here's the 10 x 25 program that Kathryn Erbe signed for our wonderful Antje, author of the Lovely Kathryn blog. Now Kate knows about both our blogs! That's awesome! :D

Saving Goren And Eames NOW

Saving Goren And Eames NOW

Here we go again, people! Skittles, anyone? :D

Happy birthday, Vincent!

Last year, we hadn't met as of your 51st birthday, so I gave you a whole bunch of belated birthday gifts when we finally did meet on July 22, 2010 at the meet and greet at Joe's Pub. The name of this blog is derived from that momentous event, as pictured above. This year, since I was unable to give you your gift in person, I mailed it to your sister Toni's restaurant, Rib City Grill in Utah and she messaged me that you had received it. Knowing your background as a magician and having recently visited the Harry Houdini exhibit at the Jewish Museum in New York, I picked up the perfect gift for you in the museum gift shop and sent it via Express Mail so you would receive it before the Ride for a Hero Event on June 4, 2011. Fortunately,you did receive it and, according to Toni, you liked the book and that's good news.

I hope you finally have some free time to read a good book and relax. Enjoy your birthday and have a great summer.

Love, Blanca

season 10 ending, or is it the beginning?

I think Bobby and Eames will be back for more adventures onscreen, judging by this scene, and that's good news. We just need to keep pestering USA Network, et al, until we get our wish. At least we know that Vincent and Kate are willing to return to LO:CI if they are asked. Let's make it happen!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kathryn Erbe in 10 x 25 Series C at the Atlantic Stage 2 Theater 6-25-2011

I haven't been to an Off-Broadway play in awhile and today was my first visit to the Atlantic Stage 2 Theater on West 16th Street in Chelsea. Just a few blocks from the recent reshoot for LO:CI on Horatio Street and from where scenes from "Rispetto" were filmed. Although today was the second anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson and his music was on the radio all day long, I also wanted to take a break from sad memories of his loss with this afternoon's Saturday matinee of "10 x 25" plays Evening C.

Kathryn Erbe was featured in two of the nine ten-minute plays on the Series C program, "Evanescence/Shakespeare in the Alley" written by Sam Shepard and directed by Neil Pepe (Artistic Director of the Atlantic Theater Company) and "Sold" written by Moira Buffini and directed by Scott Zigler. Kate is a long-time member of the Atlantic Theater Company and just recently resumed performing onstage after working on LO:CI for the past decade, according to the theater program, and is "thrilled to be be here now."

The first of her two plays "Evanescence/Shakespeare in the Alley," performed before the intermission, is a heartfelt monologue about the complexity of human relationships, with Kate seated in a black leather chair for most of her performance. Facing the audience with a mournful stare and dressed like a schoolteacher in a long sleeved pale silk blouse, dark skirt, a pearl necklace and white open toe pumps, Kate launches into her monologue about love, lust, loss, death, and connections among people. After a line about suicide and asking "What are you going to do, blow your brains out?" a watermelon crashes onto the stage directly behind Kate, a stunt that is repeated a few minutes later after the appearance of a diminutive actor dressed as Shakespeare dragging a body bag onstage after Kate's verbal equating of erotic love with murder. Weird! She also removes her shoes at one point and throws them onto the stage before returning to her chair for the rest of her performance, revealing the black toe nail polish she was wearing. I had a front row seat in this tiny theater and it was amazing to see Kate sitting right in front of me pouring her heart out onstage in an emotionally charged performance tingued with sadness and longing.

After the intermission, the second half of the program began with "Sold," a humorous piece centering on a man and a woman at a bar debating the value of a human soul. Kate's character Angela "of the angels" lol was quite the vamp with her hair swept up from her face, wearing a dark blue top and skirt and black pearls and pumps. T.R. Knight was adorable as Michael, a young salesman in casual office duds (no jacket) trying his best to persuade (or seduce) Angela into selling her soul for the princely sum of five dollars! Seriously. Angela and Michael debate the concepts of the human soul as having value despite it being "non-existent" and of the soul being treated as a product to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, getting into a curiously flirtatious face-to-face at the bar at one point. Michael ultimately offers Angela his body in exchange for her soul, which he will offer at auction that evening. Finally, after Angela signs the contract she has persuaded Michael to amend to her liking, she tells him she's going to bid on his soul and ensure that she will win even by outbidding his mom! Michael expresses his disappointment by telling Angela, "My body would have been completely at your disposal." Angela responds by grabbing Michael's tie and pulling him close before she declares slyly "Oh, it will be." Oh my! I thought they were going to end up in a passionate lip lock there, but the lights went out at that moment. Mmmm.

I also recognized actors featured in several other plays, including Eddie Cahill of "CSI:NY" and "The Narrows" as an insurance agent in "I Need A Quote" and Ilana Levine, featured in several LO:CI episodes, including "Frame" and "Icarus" as a mom in "Inside Play." The quality of the plays was uneven but I was entertained overall.

I got to speak to Kate for a few minutes outside the theater after the matinee and we spoke about the season finale of LO:CI. She told me that USA never made a formal announcement that the show was cancelled but that they had said earlier that there would be only eight more episodes this season. She and Vincent D'Onofrio had appeared early this morning on the "TODAY" show to speak about the season finale of LO:CI and I told her about our online campaign to keep the show alive for another season and she was very pleased to hear this. Kate told me that it was the fans that brought her and Vincent back for this season and she was confident that we could do it again. Cool! I told Kate about my E-mail to Jeff Wachtel of NBC Universal and our messages and tweets to USA Network on behalf of LO:CI on various sites such as Facebook and Twitter and our blogs, including mine, Vinnie Vidi Vici, Reelblog and Lovely Kathryn. Kate sent us all a personal message-I love you all! She still has hope that the show will come back in some form after this season and I suggested to her that USA could continue LO:CI as a series of movies a la Columbo (RIP Peter Falk). Kate that she and Vincent would both be up for more episodes or movies if TPTB give the greenlight and she thanked us for all our love and support.

Before I left, I gave Kate a birthday card and gift, the Alicia Keys CD "The Element of Freedom." Turns out that Kate is a big fan of hers and she told me she couldn't wait to listen to the CD at home. The card was made by my brother Alberto with a special message from me. Btw, the way did you know that Kate wears a size 7 1/2 shoe? So kind of her to share that fact with us. :)We'll be chatting with Kate and Vincent tomorrow night online during the East Coast and West Coast airings of the LO:CI season finale "To The Boy In The Blue Knit Cap." Let's keep the pressure on NBC Universal and USA to renew LO:CI. Vincent and Kate need our support!

Celebrity Ghost Stories-S2E02 4/5

Talk Stoop Vincent D'Onofrio

Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe Say Goodbye to Fans

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My E-mail to Jeff Wachtel & USA Network 6-24-2011

We were overjoyed to see Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe return to LO:CI after the disastrous Season 9 without them. Season 10 was a miraculous gift, albeit all too brief at only eight episodes.If the idea was to leave us wanting more, you've succeeded, because so many fans, including myself, want LO:CI back for a full 11th season. Eight episodes are not enough to allow the Goren and Eames characters the closure they truly deserve. Even after Columbo ended, there were several TV movies made after this legendary series came to a close featuring the original star Peter Falk, who has just passed away. Detective Goren, as portrayed by the brilliant Vincent D'Onofrio, is a direct descendant of Lt. Columbo, with his unusual mannerisms, clever deductions, insightful observations and determination in solving crimes and seeking justice for the victims of crime. Of course, Goren is unique in that he has a partner, Detective Eames, who is every bit as determined and clever as he and a perfect foil for him. They make a great team onscreen and Goren wouldn't be quite as brilliant as he is without her. What a shame it would be to lose them now when they just returned to their rightful places in the annals of TV history as two of the greatest TV detectives ever on network or basic cable television.

Please bring back Law and Order:Criminal Intent for another season and give the actors and the fans what we want-more LO:CI!


Blanca aka Billygrl

Author of the blog

E-mail addy:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Law & Order: CI - The Final Season (Detective Robert Goren) Promo

Law & Order: CI 2011 Show Packaging

Law & Order CI Returns USA Network Music Video

Law & Order: CI on USA Network -- Premieres in Two Weeks

Law & Order CI

Law & Order CI Bad Guys Beware Promo

Law And Order Criminal Intent Season 10 Promo

Law & Order: CI returns to USA Network on May 1st at 9/8c!

Law & Order: CI on USA Network - "The Last Street In Manhattan" 5/22 PROMO

Law Order CI Getting Personal Promo USA

Law and Order Criminal Intent Trophy Wine promo

Law & Order Criminal Intent Cadaver USA Promo

Kathryn Erbe inside the morgue for Law & Order: CI episode Cadaver

Kathryn Erbe talks about the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode Trophy...

Vincent D'Onofrio on the Criminal Intent season ten episode Icarus

A Tribute to the 10th Season of Law & Order Criminal Intent

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OFFICIAL poster for the 2011 Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson celebration designed by Fuse Green

OFFICIAL poster for the 2011 Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson celebration designed by Fuse Green

What a beautiful poster! I can't believe it's been almost two years since Michael left this world for the next. I'll be in Prospect Park again this year for the annual MJ birthday celebration.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We had a parade in our 'hood this afternoon. Guess who m... on Twitpic

We had a parade in our 'hood this afternoon. Guess who m... on Twitpic

On la Avenida de Puerto Rico in Brooklyn-Bobby Sportswear sto... on Twitpic

On la Avenida de Puerto Rico in Brooklyn-Bobby Sportswear sto... on Twitpic

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-filming resumes-May 3, 2011

Here we go again-another take of this scene is underway. Love watching the cast work with the same intensity every take. Such professionalism. Bravo!

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-Hi, Vincent!-May 3, 2011

Wow! We got a wave from Vincent after he completed filming this scene on West 44th Street. It happened just before I filmed the reaction from the fans and the cast. We were all happy!

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-Hi there-May 3, 2011

We watched the cast film another take of this scene, then Vincent takes notice of us watching across the street. Right after I stopped filming, he waved!

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-Vincent applauds-May 3, 2011

The assistant producer who kept getting in MY camera range was so annoying. Did you hear the "echo" begin after I told the guy next to me that they were actually filming "Criminal Intent" and not "SVU." Funny, I kept hearing people nearby saying "Criminal Intent." Neat, huh?

Also enjoyed watching Vincent clapping after filming was done. He looked happy!

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-fan moments 2-May 3, 2011

More fun with Vincent and Kate on set as the same guy who posed with Kate goes over to pose with Vincent. Doesn't Kate look great in her Detective Eames hoodie? Love that she's wearing her badge on a chain around her neck while Vincent has his badge clipped to his suit jacket lapel. That's showbiz!

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-fan moments 1-May 3, 2011

Vincent and Kate were so sweet to pose for photos during a break in filming this afternoon. Sweeter still was Kate's hug with this fellow, who also posed with Vincent. Busy bee!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Michael Jackson - The Behind The Mask Project

With the second anniversary of the passing of The King of Pop looming (June 25) I found this fan tribute to MJ, comprised of videos contributed by fans around the world. The song "Behind The Mask" is from the album "Michael" that was released last December, the first posthumous collection, if you will, of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs. This is one of the better songs on the album. I really love the on locations vids, including the flash mob scene by Niagara Falls and the scene shot outside the Taj Majal. Wow!

LOCI Reshoot on Horatio Street-Eames' Tacky Boots-June 17, 2011

Kate had a little trouble with her boots this afternoon, but she took care of it on set-no muss, no fuss. Just like Detective Eames would. I was standing next to the crew tent when this was shot with my smartphone, just before I walked around the tent for a better view. Afterwards, I took the still photos that are posted in my previous blog entry. Kate and Vincent were in the midst of reshooting an exterior scene for the 8th and last episode for Season 10, "The Boy In The Blue Knit Cap" on Horatio Street near Greenwich Street, just two blocks from the High Line elevated park and a short distance from Chelsea Piers on the West Side. The reshoot involved just Vincent and Kate, it looks like they were tying up some loose ends with Goren and Eames. If this is the last scene we get to see with our favorite detectives, I hope for the possibility of a future film or mini-series involving their characters or perhaps a cross-over appearance on another NBC or USA show. In the meantime, we can continue to contact USA Network and pester them until they agree to renew LO:CI for another season. Will another network pick up LO:CI if USA does not relent? Stay tuned.

LO:CI Reshoot on Horatio Street 6-17-2011

32As I was about to go to bed last night, I checked Twitter for updates and saw a tweet from OLV announcing that LO:CI was filming reshoots on Friday, June 17 on Gansevoort and Washington Streets. Whoa! I thought, as you all did, that filming had wrapped on May 26, 2011. More recently, we were shocked when the "fire sale" at Chelsea Piers was announced last week and by Vincent's radio interview two days ago where he confirmed that LO:CI was over "forever" after this season ends. As Captain Ross once said, "What should I think?"

Well, the news came too late for me to arrange time off from work, so I ventured over to the set during my lunch hour this afternoon. Good thing I got there before it started raining, since the sky was overcast all day with intermittent showers, which added to the humidity and heat. Uggh!

I was only able to stay for about 1/2 hour but I was able to see Vincent and Kate as Detectives Goren and Eames once more. The only two actor trailers on Gansevoort Street were theirs, and not the same ones I've seen on previous shoots. Also, Vincent's Escalade had a different license plate from the car I've seen before. Kate's Denali was the same one, I think.

I tooks pics and a video on Horatio Street while the crew took a break from filming between 12:45 PM and 1:15 PM. Kate greeted a friend on set and hugged him twice while Vincent stood nearby, beaming with approval. They were standing in front of Eames' car parked outside 71 Horatio Street, where they had been filming an exterior scene. I think this scene was a reshoot of the scene filmed on May 26 on Broadway and 22nd Street, since Vincent and Kate were wearing clothes very similar to those they wore for the previous shoot. This scene may also involve the outcome of Goren's last session with Dr. Paula Gyson. We'll know for sure when the last LO:CI episode "To The Boy In The Blue Knit Cap" airs on Sunday, June 26 on the USA Network.

I spotted several tourists and passersby observing and taking pictures also. Erika Hampson was on set once again and sat next to Kate when she and Vincent sat under the tent where the cast chairs were placed. As much as I wanted to remain on set and watch the cast film another scene, I had to get back to work by 1:30 PM and took the A express train back downtown. I returned to the set after work at 4:30 PM only to discover that the cast and crew had already left. Even the No Parking signs were gone, but they were probably ruined by the rain shower that happened after I returned to work. The filming must have wrapped early due to the weather, which is just as well. Still, I'm sorry that it's over. It's been challenging and, at times,stressful, to attempt to cover one filming for every one of the eight episodes since filming began on February 14 and officially ended on May 26. I've also had a lot of fun, learned a lot about the process of filming TV shows in New York, met some cool people on set and got to speak to Vincent and Kate on several occasions. The only episode I wasn't successful in getting pics or video on set was for "Trophy Wine," not that I didn't try. Unfortunately, I received the news about the City Winery shoot on March 14 too late and I missed the chance to go. That's one of the reasons I decided to get a smartphone, which I now use constantly to surf the web, post tweets and pics on Twitter and Facebook, update my blog, and, of course, make calls. The camera on my HTC Inspire phone is pretty cool, 8 MP with a zoom feature. I've taken many pics with my new phone since I bought it in late March and you've seen many of them here.

Here are some more for you to enjoy. Awesome!

This is where the murder scene in "The Last Street In Manhattan" was likely filmed:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-filming begins-May 3, 2011

The LO:CI cast film the scene after crossing W. 44TH Street while we watch from across the street. The more filming progresses, the farther we were forced to move away from the actors so we wouldn't end up on camera, too. The truck next to us obscured the view, also.

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-2nd rehearsal-May 3, 2011

I love Kate's reaction to the Southern fangirls who approach her and Vincent on set before rehearsals resume on W. 44TH Street. She waved at me, too! Vincent and Kate graciously accepted the compliments showered on them, including my favorite "You're my hero! Both of you! I watch you all the time." We get to watch a full rehearsal of the scene where the cast members cross the street and have a conversation before crew members try to disperse the crowd watching the filming. Dammit!

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-rehearsal break-May 3, 2011

A short intermission while Vincent and Kate prepare for the next rehearsal. One of the producers is heard telling us to move back and we cross the street to watch the next rehearsal.

LOCI Filming Icarus in Times Square-1st rehearsal-May 3, 2011

Vincent and Kate rehearsed and filmed exteriors for "Icarus" on West 44th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues on Tuesday afternoon between 4 and 6 PM. I stopped by to watch the action after leaving my last session at the YAI International Conference at the NY Hilton on West 53rd Street. This was my second visit to the LO:CI set that day, as I had met with Vincent that morning on West 48th Street and Broadway where he and Kate filmed interiors and he graciously accepted my donation for Meth Cops, the LO:CI t-shirt and baseball cap that he signed. He also signed another shirt and cap for me, which I have in my LO:CI collection.

This is the first of several videos from this afternoon's filming. Enjoy!

Matt Bomer on set of White Collar 6-10-2011

I filmed this rehearsal for White Collar at about 4:20 PM on Nassau Street near Pace University on my way home from work. This was the last day of shooting for the third season and I'm glad I finally got to meet Matt Bomer, who plays art thief and con man turned FBI undercover Neal Caffrey. I never got to visit the WC set before since this show was filming at the same time as LO:CI for the past three months in New York. I'll post more video and pics soon. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lovely Kathryn: Through a Glass Darkly

Lovely Kathryn: Through a Glass Darkly: "As I saw the first pictures of Kathryn leaving the 'Through a Glass Darkly' opening night after party held at the Chinatown Brasserie in New..."

Vincent D'Onofrio

Procedurals favor the femmes - Entertainment News, Emmy Features 2011, Media - Variety

Procedurals favor the femmes - Entertainment News, Emmy Features 2011, Media - Variety

Reject Radio #93: Method Acting | Film School Rejects

Reject Radio #93: Method Acting | Film School Rejects

Will people never tire of cop shows? - Entertainment News, Emmy Features 2011, Media - Variety

Will people never tire of cop shows? - Entertainment News, Emmy Features 2011, Media - Variety

Interview: Actor Vincent D’Onofrio (Kill the Irishman) - Phoenix Movie |

Interview: Actor Vincent D’Onofrio (Kill the Irishman) - Phoenix Movie |

Sunday, June 5, 2011

LOCI Filming in Central Park-Scene by the Pond Take 2-May 26, 2011

Vincent and Kate continue filming by the Pond while we observe fromm a distance, which is tricky, considering the intrusions by passersby and crew members while I'm filming. Still, the setting was picturesque and the weather was warm, although I wish I could have remained on the bench directly in front of the set where I sat earlier. Unfortunately, we had to leave that spot and stand behind the monitors. Passersby who wanted to walk through the path by the set were allowed to do so as long as they didn't stop to watch the filming and didn't look directly into the camera. It was tiring after awhile to continue trying to film, so I stopped and just took photos. This was our last glimpse of Goren and Eames in action in New York City and it made me a bit sad, but at least I was there to witness this event. Thank you, Vincent and Kate.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

LOCI Filming in Central Park-Scene by the Pond-May 26, 2011

Vincent and Kate are filming by the Pond in this extended sequence punctuated by the sound of chirping birds and voices of nearby bystanders observing the action. Wish I could have been closer, but we were directed to remain out of camera range, so this is the best view I had.

LOCI Filming in Central Park-Kate makes a pitch-May 26, 2011

I don't know exactly what Kate tossed to the guy standing near the TV monitors before she joined Vincent on set at the Pond Thursday morning, but she's got a good arm! LOL

Sherri Shepherd at the Central Park Challenge 6-4-11

Sherri Shepherd of "The View" and mother of a boy with autism helps kick off the YAI Network's Central Park Challenge near the 72nd Street Bandshell ths morning at 10 AM. She is joined onstage by Philip Levy, CEO of YAI Network, actor Dominic Chianese, radio personality Maria Millito, Mike Robinson of Broadview Network, Channel 7 Eyewitness News reporter Bill Ritter and cast member of NBC's "30 Rock."