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Friday, April 29, 2011

'Law & Order' hits rewind

'Law & Order' hits rewind: "Local Breaking News"

Alberto Acevedo's Team for the 3K Walk


Please join us on Saturday, June 4, 2011 for the 11th annual Central Park Challenge event in New York City. My family and I will be participating again in the 3K Walk to raise funds for the YAI Network in supporting its programs for people with developmental disabilities, including autism. My younger brother Alberto was diagnosed at age two and has been a YAI consumer of services since 1991. He currently attends one of YAI's day programs and has excelled in developing valuable skills over the years. He is also a very talented artist. Last year when I met Vincent for the first time, I gave him several coloring books that Alberto created for YAI and Vincent was very impressed. Filmmaker Joey Travolta also received one of the coloring books during the YAI International Conference in New York last week.

Still have some copies left.

Please join our team if you are in the New York area or support us with a donation on our team page. Thank you so much!
As an added bonus, the individual who makes the highest donation to our team between now and June 1, 2011 will receive an autographed item courtesy of Vincent D'Onofrio. He recently signed a LO:CI cap for me on set in New York City. 

Send me your details after making your donation online. my e-mail addy is
Blanca Acevedo, Team Captain

D'Onofrio back on duty in more relaxed 'Law' -

D'Onofrio back on duty in more relaxed 'Law' -

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Pics from the set of "The Last Street in Manhattan" 4-25-2011

LO:CI crew truck where Vincent posed for a recently published photo while standing inside.

Mannahatta Park sign on Front Street and Wall Street

Dr. Theo Kendall trailer

Dr. Sam Harris trailer

Vincent in rehearsal

Vincent and guest star in rehearsal

LO:CI cast rehearsal on Wall Street

Vincent and Kate on set

Kate on set.

Vincent takes a break.

Vincent relaxes.

Vincent chills.

Vincent and two adoring young fans.

Another cast rehearsal

The cast rehearses

Erika Hampson on set.

Erika Hampson observes LO:CI cast rehearsal

LO:CI cast rehearsing

Mannahatta Park fountain on South Street

Wall and Water Street signs

Wall Street sign at Front Street

Yes! A nearby Starbucks.

Detective Goren trailer (no label on door)

Vincent's Escalade on Water Street

Detective Eames trailer

Vincent had better stay away from this truck (LOL)

Monday, April 25, 2011

LO:CI Filming "The Last Street in Manhattan" Day 3 4-25-2011

On a cloudy, muggy Monday morning after Easter, the LO:CI crew filmed scenes from the sixth episode of Season 10 of Law and Order:Criminal Intent, which will premiere this Sunday, May 1 at 9 PM EST. I took a long holiday weekend and today was my last day off before returning to work. I arrived on the set at 8:30 AM and the crew was setting up for an exterior shoot outside 110 Wall Street. The location was apt-Mannahatta Park-between Front and South Streets. The cast arrived shortly after I did and rehearsals soon began. Vincent and Kate were in top form and very happy on set. They even waved to a busload of tourists passing by during rehearsals and the tourists left cheering! How endearing was that?

Also stopping by the set was film producer Erica Hampson, whose credits includes "Don't Go In The Woods" and "The Vanishing City."

Filming wrapped just before 10:30 AM and continued later at nearby Wall Street Plaza indoors. The third set was located around the corner on Wall and Pearl Streets. The Goren and Eames trailers were parked on Water Street, as usual. However, the Goren trailer no longer has the Det. Goren label on the door. I had noticed this on the Morris Park, Bronx set two weeks ago. I don't know why the label was removed. Ah, a mystery!

Here are some of the best pics I took today on set. More pics and video coming soon!

More pics and video coming soon. Woo hoo!