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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LSAT Extension Denied For Lisa Ruosso, Long Island Mom With Cognitive Disorder « CBS New York

LSAT Extension Denied For Lisa Ruosso, Long Island Mom With Cognitive Disorder « CBS New York

Come on now, doesn't Lisa Ruosso deserve a fair shot at taking the LSAT? I'd bet she'd make a great lawyer and advocate for people with special needs. I wish her the best with her lawsuit. Go, Lisa!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Muppets Official Trailers 1 and 2

We're so looking forward to this movie. Yay, it's the Muppets! I'm taking Alberto to see this for his birthday this weekend.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pete and Jane Interview Vincent D'onofrio

Still waiting for a great film on autism

Still waiting for a great film on autism: The Oscar-winning "Rain Man" (1988) raised considerable awareness about autism. Regrettably, the term "rain man" has become an accepted punch line for someone behaving in a stupid manner. It's not

It's been years since I saw "Rainman" but I remember the first time I saw the film in 1988 with my mom and my younger brother Alberto, who has autism. I was stunned by Dustin Hoffman's performance as a man with autism who goes on a road trip with the younger brother who doesn't remember him because they were separated in childhood. This was the first time I'd ever seen an actor portray someone like my brother, with many of the same characteristics-echolalic speech, obsessing over a favorite TV show, insisting on having certain foods on certain days, amazing memory for details, fascination with photography, etc.)

Will there be another truly memorable film on the subject of autism to hit the big screen? Several years ago, Hugh Dancy played the title role in "Adam" about a man with Asperger's Syndrome who learns to make his own way in the world and gets a girlfriend after his father dies, an honest and thought-provoking film that should have gotten a wider audience. Interestingly enough, Claire Danes, who is married to Hugh Dancy, won an Emmy for her portrayal of real-life Aspie Dr. Temple Grandin in the HBO film "Temple Grandin," which aired last year. Also, Mark-Linn Baker, who played insurance agent/criminal mastermind/Aspie Wally Stevens busted by Detective Robert Goren in LOCI episode "Probability" also plays Adam's boss in "Adam."

Will Vincent D'Onofrio make the next great film about a person with autism? He has been planning to direct "Johnny and Me" based on his own script about a man with Asperger's Syndrome and his world of Johnny Cash music and his relationship with his daughter. Vincent recently revealed that he is struggling with finishing the script and isn't ready to make the film yet. I have faith that he will complete the film and that "Johnny and Me" will be truly special.

Good luck, Vincent. We're rooting for you! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vincent D'Onofrio Q and A at the NYCHFF 11-12-2010

I can't believe it's been a year since the NYHFF screening of "Don't Go In The Woods" and the Q&A that followed. I filmed this at 12:50 AM in screening room 2 at Tribeca Cinemas, and we were all tired, but it was all worth it. Vincent was charming and funny and Sam joined in the Q&A before we headed back to the Tribeca Lounge before leaving. Sam's concert after the screening had to be cancelled because the festival organizers screwed up and the screening began three hours late. Ugh!

Vincent - Tim.Burton.Short.Animation.1982

This film is narrated by the late Vincent Price.

Ed Wood - Official Trailer

I love that this film was shot in black and white. One of my favorite Burton films by far and one of Johnny Depp's best performances on screen. Vincent's cameo as Orson Welles was marred by the fact that his voice was dubbed, and he subsequently made "Five Minutes, Mr. Welles" in 2004 to put his own spin on Welles. Or, as Vincent described it at the DGITW Q&A on 10-22-2011, "a really cool film" that didn't make any money.

Stanley Kubrick - The Works

Joel Walden edited this tribute to Stanley Kubrick, which features ten scenes from "Full Metal Jacket" and other classic Kubrick films, such as "Dr. Strangelove," "A Clockwork Orange," "The Shining" and "Spartacus."

[the films of] Tim Burton

Brief clips of some Burton films are included here, including his two "Batman" films, "Edward Scissorhands" and "Ed Wood." Unfortunately, Vincent's appearance as Orson Welles didn't make it in, but there's lots of clips of Johnny Depp (naturally).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Honorary Excellence in Acting Award--Vincent D'Onofrio presents Ellen Ba...

I'm glad this video was put back up on YouTube. You've seen my video of Vincent's speech and Ellen Barkin's acceptance speech at the Maverick Awards last September 24, 2011 but this one is vastly superior in terms of video and audio quality. Mine was made with my cellphone and my hand shook the whole time, so the picture was crappy.


Vincent D'Onofrio on CLTV Chicago on 11-11-2011'Onofrio-of-

Here's another of Vincent's TV interviews promoting "Don't Go In The Woods" and his appearance at this Saturday's screening and Q&A in Chicago as part of the Tribeca Film Festival on the Road tour, which ends this weekend.

Thanks to Vinnie Vidi Vici for providing the link to this clip.

Puss in Boots Review

Alberto and I saw this film today in 3D, and we enjoyed it a lot. The "dance fight" sequence is a riot, and the magic beanstalk and golden goose scenes are wild! You and your kids will love "Puss in Boots" and the 3D special effects. Antonio Banderas is hilarious as our favorite kitty with a Spanish accent and Salma Hayek voices Kitty Softpaws, master thief and femme fatale. This prequel to "Shrek" tells Puss in Boots' origin story set at an orphanage in San Ricardo and his friendship with fellow orphan Humpty Dumpty. We also see their quest to steal the magic beans from Jack and Jill, recast as Wild West-type outlaws, as they reboot the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale with some crazy twists and turns.

The attached link from the Tribeca Flashpoint Academy gives a very cool take on the film. Check it out.

Vincent D'Onofrio Speaks at the Tribeca Flashpoint Academy on 11-10-2011

Thanks to Vinnie Vidi Vici for providing the link, pictures and text.

Vincent D'Onofrio on You and Me This Morning

Vincent D'Onofrio on You and Me This Morning

Vincent has been on a tear this week with his publicity tour for DGITW. Since this is the end of the TFF on the Road movie screenings it looks like he, Sam and Erika are going out with a bang! :)

Vincent D'Onofrio on My Fox Chicago 11-11-11

Vincent is a busy bee, even on Veteran's Day. Enjoy!

Vincent D’Onofrio Creates Slasher Musical in Directorial Debut:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

UJAM - The Dark Knight Rises - Introduction

UJAM - The Dark Knight Rises - Introduction

This movie has been filming in the Wall Street área of lower Manhattan this week. Matthew Modine plays a police captain and was spotted on set last Saturday. Sorry I wasn't on set that day. I'd love to meet him and thank Matthew for helping Vincent get his audition with director Stanley Kubrick for Full Metal Jacket. I've been a fan of Matthew Modine since the 80's. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heavy D dead at 44 - Pop2it - Zap2it

Heavy D dead at 44 - Pop2it - Zap2it

This is too shocking. Just one day after Michael's murderer was convicted, we lose Heavy D. I was a big fan of Heavy D and the Boyz back in the 80's and he just taped an episode of LO:SVU. The cause of death is still not known, but what a shame that Heavy D died so young. He and Michael Jackson recorded the song "Jam" from the "Dangerous" álbum and appeared in the video for "Jam" with Michael Jordan, Naughty by Nature and Kriss Kross back in l992. My condolences to the Myers family and all who loved him. Heavy D will be missed.

Monday, November 7, 2011

BAFF Q&A-November 6, 2011

The director of "Mother's House" Davis Hall and cast member Eddie Schweighardt appeared on Sunday afternoon for a Q&A at the 8th Annual Big Apple Film Festival at the Tribeca Cinemas. Following the Program 40 screening of short films "A Younger Man," "The Burying Beetle," "Mother's House" and "Mikel's Faith," Eddie was so cute whe he asked Mr. Hall if he always wanted to be a director.

I saw "Mother's House" for the first time and I found the film to be an engrossing, sexy and creepy tale with a tragic twist straight out of "The Sixth Sense." If Vincent had directed this movie, he might have called it "Don't Go In The House." :)

The really cool thing is that I saw "Mother's House" in the same screening room where we saw "Don't Go In The Woods" last year and the Q&A with the director and screenwriters. Now that was one crazy night!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

DGITW Q&A P3-October 22, 2011

Vincent answers more questions about "Don't Go In The Woods," including the type of camera used to make the film and the directing process. Things get really interesting when I ask Vincent about "Johnny and Me" and refer back to his previous remarks about the film and autism at the Woodstock Film Festival Artist's Panel on September 25, 2011. Vincent says that the script is not yet finished and explains that he's having difficulty writing it because the story is so personal for him. The plot is concerning a man with Asperger's syndrome with a fixation on Johnny Cash and his relationship with his daughter. Vincent also relates how he was inspired to create the story in the first place and says he'll continue to work on the film. I was glad to hear him say this and expressed my support for the film. I really do hope Vincent makes "Johnny and Me" and that he knows the positive impact this project would have on the autism community and on the public at large. Thank you, Vincent!

DGITW Q&A P2-October 22, 2011

Vincent answers a question about one of the characters in "Don't Go In The Woods" for which he created the concept, the masked killer, and cagily sidesteps the next question, since he would have then revealed the killer's identity. I won't reveal it, either, but I can tell you that there's a twist in the plot that will surprise you. Vincent and Erika also answer a question about "Five Minutes, Mr. Welles" and how making that film compared to making DGITW. Vincent also revealed that he and Sam are collaborating on the screen adaptation of Eric Bogosian's novel "Mall" and are also writing a new film with music to be composed by Sam. Sam also talks about an element of that plot twist and reminisces about his own experiences dealing with record producers as a young musician and being told to get rid of his band, which was made up of musician friends of his. He also pointed out that I was filming the Q&A at one point, which caught me off guard. Oy! Vincent starts joking with Sam again, saying "Sam is way ahead of us" when Sam explained why he didn't want to reveal the movie's ending even though we had just watched the film, and Vincent points his microphone towards Sam and says "Tell us about it, Sam." Vincent and Sam banter continuously during the Q&A and it is fun to watch them in action, like a professional comedy duo. Will the soundtrack be released for public consumption? Vincent says "Let's see how the film does first" then Sam jokes about leaking the tracks! Vincent predicts "a massive lawsuit" would result. LOL

The third part is the best, by far. Stay tuned for my question to Vincent about "Johnny and Me."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me and Vincent at the Rialto Theater 10-22-2011

The theater usher and a female fan outside the Rialto Theater both were unsucessful in their attempts to take a still photo of me with my cell phone camera. Instead, I got these two very short vids, so I made this short film with them and some fancy editing and effects. Let me know what you think of my little experiment.:)