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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Law and Order:CI filming "Cadaver" 4-12-2011

The LO:CI crew were filming scenes from "Cadaver" on the Upper West Side on a rainy Tuesday. I took the No. 3 train up to 96th Street during my lunch hour and quickly located the trailers for Goren and Eames on the west side of Broadway between 95th and 96th Street, conveniently parked outside a Starbucks.LOL on the east side of Broadway there were more trailers for additional characters. The funniest thing I saw? One of the trailers was labelled "Cadaver" as if it were a character. I wonder who the actor portraying the cadaver is, eh? What a classy show, filming near Riverside Park and West End Avenue and providing a trailer for the cadaver, too!

Pics coming soon!Watching LO:CI episode "Identity Crisis" right now. Be right back!

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