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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet Up 4-9-2011-Chelsea Gallery Diner & Film "Source Code."

Our Meet-up group led by Annie, "the brainy cat lady," enjoyed an early dinner at the Chelsea Gallery Diner on 7th Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets in Manhattan. The weather was lovely today, nearly 60 degrees and sunny. I met Annie in the diner at 4:30 PM and we chatted as the other members began arriving. Annie is a writer and believer in the paranormal. Marty is also a writer but not a movie person, so he did not join us for "Source Code" the film we later saw at the AMC 19th East 6 Theater in Union Square. I also met Liliana, Robin, Madeline, Delia, Josiah and Barbara. Liliana and I decided to take a walk after eating before the movie, so we went to Loehman's at 5:30 PM and returned to the diner at 6:30 PM to meet the rest of the group. We also received free samples of scented soap from a lady outside the Sabon shop across the street fron the diner.

I had already bought my movie ticket online for the 7:30 PM show, so I had stopped by the theater earlier to pick up my ticket from the kiosk before dinner. I also enjoyed a stroll through Union Square Park on the way from the subway and passed through the Union Square Greenmarket while heading to the theater. The park was bustling with people and many wonderful things were in sight, including spring flowers, fruit, maple syrup, wine and original art. Spring was definitely in bloom! About time!

We enjoyed "Source Code" and agreed that it was a fascinating science fiction tale. There are elements of "Ground Hog Day" with the deja vu theme, but also "Back To The Future," with our hero trying to change events by going back in time to save the lives on the passengers on a cummuter train headed for Chicago, although it's not actually time travel but "time alteration," if I remember correctly. I don't want to reveal too much here, but Annie compared this film to "Inception," which I haven't seen. She said that "Source Code" had a more linear story line and contained much less violence than "Inception." Interesting.

I bid the group good night as they headed over to Big Daddy's Diner on Park Avenue South after the movie. I have an early start tomorrow and need my beauty sleep. I invited the group to check out my blog and follow along. I also discussed my autism advocacy activities with Liliana during our shopping trip at Loehman's, where I bought clothing and candy.

Tomorrow afternoon I have another meetup in my neighborhood,where we're touring the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg and getting something to eat later. Good night all.

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