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Monday, May 28, 2012

Five Minutes with Vincent D'Onofrio§ion=3&page=6

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mama Be Good: The Autism System: Not Good Enough

Mama Be Good: The Autism System: Not Good Enough

Man writes about living with form of autism

Man writes about living with form of autism

White Collar films at Municipal Plaza in NYC

Here's a full scene from White Collar with actors Matt Bomer, Tim Dekay and Hilarie Burton at the Municipal Plaza on Centre Street in Manhattan, near the Brooklyn Bridge on a rainy foggy Monday afternoon just before 5 PM,

White Collar filming at Municipal Plaza 5-21-2012

The White Collar crew happened to be filming just outside the Chambers Street/City Hall subway station at the Municipal Plaza in Manhattan on Monday afternoon, where I catch the train home from my job nearby. I hung around to watch the action for awhile and got some great pics and video with my smartphone. This plaza was also the setting for a scene from the LO:CI episode "Loyalty Pt 2" with Kathryn Erbe and Jeff Goldblum. Funny that it was raining when that scene was filmed too. One Police Plaza is located behind the Municipal Building where filming took place.

SVU-Det. Benson throws a punch!

This rehearsal of a fight scene took place on Mulberry Street after the chase scene was filmed in Columbus Park. Fun to watch how this unfolded before our eyes at 1 PM in the afternoon on a warm spring day in NYC.

Law and Order:SVU filming in Columbus Park 4-2-12

Although LO:CI is no longer filming (for now), I was able to capture the LO:SVU caast and crew filming a scene in Chinatown recently. Watcch Mariska Hartigay as Detective Benson run!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Kathryn Erbe at the Cherry Lane Theater 5-8-2012

Thankfully, the rain held off until after Tuesday afternoon's reading of ODE TO Joy took place at the Cherry Lane Theater. Although the sky was overcast most of the day, the temps were in the balmy 60's and the humidity was palpable. Quite the contrast from the chilly weather in New York when I last met Kathryn Erbe in Greenwich Village while she was appearing in the play "Yosemite" at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, not far from the Cherry Lane Theater. Kate looked stunning, as usual, in a sleeveless top, blue skirt and black sweater with flats she wore onstage for her reading with actor Arliss Howard, looking natty in an all black outfit ;) and black beret. Kate was glad to see me again and said so as we greeted each other with a hug after the 2 PM reading ended at 4:10 PM. I presented Kate with a gift bag containing a small box of Godiva dark chocolates, a pack of tropical Skittles, a Mother's Day Card and four paper flowers made by Alberto. Before looking inside the bag, Kate smiled and asked me "Let me guess. Skittles?" She told me that the Rattlestick gang ate every bit of the Skittles I had brought to the theater last January-and that box contained 36 packs! Kate promised me that the next time we meet, she would have a gift for me. Awww! She showed me her arm tattoo while we spoke about her hilarious and moving performance as Adele in Craig Lucas' new play. The tat on her left arm near the elbow is a lovely heart design that I noticed when she took off her sweater onstage during the second act of ODE TO JOY, and it's one of two that Kate has. After I got to check out Kate's heart tattoo, we spoke briefly about the play. I remarked on the humor in the play and told Kate how I enjoyed seeing her play such a funny and sweet character onstage. She told me she hopes the play will be produced for a future run on or off Broadway. I certainly would like to see Kate play Adele again. The playwright and director Craig Lucas came over briefly and expressed a similar sentiment while giving Kate a new direction regarding her howls of pain in the third act, saying that he wants the howls to be even more intense than in the reading. Whoa! Before I left the theater, I asked Kate to sign two ODE TO JOY programs and my LOCI shirt and cap that Vincent had previously signed, and she was happy to do so. I'm sending one program to Antje, author of the Lovely Kathryn blog, and I E-mailed Antje a photo of the signed program on Tuesday night. I may auction off the signed cap on Ebay to raise money for the Central Park Challenge event benefitting the YAI/NIPD network that provides services to people with developmental disabilities, such as my brother Alberto, who has autism. Our family is participating in the 3K Walk as Alberto Acevedo's Team once again this June 2 in New York City and our team page can be viewed at I also mentioned to Kate that my brother is applying for admission to the new YAI Art Gallery. We're working on his portfolio as we speak. :) Thank you for a lovely afternoon, Kate, and I will see you again soon. Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ode To Joy Reading 5-8-2012

It's a good thing that I caught Antje's (havers_barbera on Twitter) recent tweet about this Tueday's staged reading of Craig Lucas' new play ODE TO JOY at the Cherry Lane Theater, featuring Kathryn Erbe and Arliss Howard. Although I had just taken a week off work to attend the YAI International Conference in NYC, I wanted to attend this reading and promptly RSVP'd via E-mail to the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater website. In a reading, the actors are seated onstage and recite their lines from a script in front of them while the stage directions are read out loud. Readings are usually attended by other actors, playwrights and theater critics but this event, part of the free Rattlestick Tongues reading series begun in 1998, was open to the public. The Cherry Lane Theater,founded in 1924,is located at 38 Commerce Street just off 7th Avenue South in Greenwich Village, not far from the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater on Waverly Place. This afternoon at 2 PM we were treated to a two-hour and ten minute reading of Ode To Joy written and directed by Craig Lucas, an award-winning American playwright who also wrote Prelude To A Kiss and many other plays. Kathryn Erbe read the part of Adele, a flighty artist who recounts her failed relationships with Bill, her ex-husband and Mala (Spanish for 'bad'), her ex-girlfriend. Arliss Howard read the part of Bill, a heart surgeon and recovering alcoholic who offers Adele a hit of Exstacy on their first date and is constantly commenting on what he considers ironic in life. There are many funny lines and unexpected plot twists that turn tragic at several points, including Adele throwing up into Bill's mouth when he tries to kiss her, Mala's sickness and eventual heart transplant (it is later revealed that Bill was her surgeon), Mala's breakup with Adele shortly after the Y2K scare of 2000, Adele's struggle to maintain her career as a painter (hint: nobody likes her paintings), Adele's alcoholism and attempts at sobriety, including her recounting of the wrongs she committed during her first marriage to Bill (they later remarry, have a child and divorce again), and Adele's cancer diagnosis. A plot element that I considered ironic is Adele's buying a daschund puppy that she shares with Bill (he names the puppy Marcus Aurelius LOL!) but she later accidentally runs over and kills Marcus while driving drunk. Knowing that Kate is a dog lover and supporter of Mutt-igrees, I could detect the sadness and regret she conveyed as Adele tries to apologize to Bill for this most grievous of her past offenses to him. Despite her flaws and awful behavior, Adele inspires sympathy, especially when she meets Mala and Bill years after she broke up with them both and is separated from her son Justin. Adele howls in pain and claims that it's just the shingles, then admits she's suffering the aftereffects of chemotherapy for bone cancer. Oy! With so much tragedy to wade through, each character has to find his or her own ode to joy, as it were (Beethoven's Ode To Joy is referenced in the first scene with Bill and Adele). Isn't it ironic? :) I'll post pics and a recap of my talk with Kathryn Erbe in my next post. Good night!