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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lincoln Center Theater : Other Desert Cities

Lincoln Center Theater : Other Desert Cities

Meet the Director Part 7-November 22, 2010

Jaime Summers (Sommers?), a young film student, asks Vincent his advice on making a movie musical, and he answers "Do whatever you want." Vincent also talks about the TV show "Glee" and how the show has helped his film-"Everybody sings these days." Ms. Summers approached me and my companions before the screening began and asked me the same question, and I told her that Vincent would be better able to answer her. I also referred her to my blog and she gladly took the info from me. Sweet girl. Vincent, Brad, Joe and Sam all gave her good advice on getting her work out to the masses. Great first question!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Law and Order: Criminal Intent Filming on 2-22-2011

I dashed over to West 59th Street and 9th Avenue during my lunch hour and took some pics of the LO:CI filming in front of the WMJ Syms Operating Theater of the Roosevelt Hospital. This scene involved the character Johnny Apreda from the episode "The Consoler" and another character speaking outside the hospital and then entering a black car. No Detectives Goren or Eames in sight, however. Darn it! Well, I did recognize the actor playing the older man with Johnny Apreda as a character actor I've seen on TV before but I can't remember his name.   

The trailers and crew trucks were parked on West 58th Street near Columbus Circle. I saw the Johnny Apreda trailer, which I also saw on Water Street near the South Street Seaport last week. I also found the parking signs showing that today's shoot would last from 8 AM until 11 PM. Another long day's shoot. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vincent D'Onofrio Q&A-Meet the Director Part 6-November 22, 2010

These are the closing remarks of the first half of the Q&A before the panelists take questions from the audience at the Center for Communication. Sam talks about how much he enjoyed hearing his songs sung so beautifully by "the kids" in the cast of DGITW, Cassandra talks about her work in the film and how it was "a hell of a lot of fun," and Vincent describes her death scene in detail, including how she has to break into song at one point, stressing the absurdity of it all and how the entire cast was "fully committed" to do the film, which was "the only way to do it."

Vincent D'Onofrio Q&A-Meet the Director Part 5-November 22, 2010

Vincent and Joe discuss what they've learned about making a horror film during the filming of DGITW.Vincent talks about the difference between making a non-horror film with the focus on developing the characters and story that "keeps you up at night" and creating characters in a horror film that will die during the film. Vincent talks about keeping things "tidy" in a horror film, while the story in a non-horror film is more intense. Joe also talks about cutting to the chase and "getting to the good stuff" in a horror film with the focus on the action. At one point, when Joe takes the microphone to speak, Vincent remarks "You sound like Elvis." to which Joe replies "Thank you." Cute!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Law and Order: Criminal Intent Filming on Wall Street 2-18-2011

These are some of the photos I snapped last Friday afternoon on Wall Street, William Street and Water Street near the South Street Seaport. The weather was unusually warm and the LO:CI crew had just finished shooting a scene outside 55 Wall Street when I arrived just after 12:30 PM. Unfortunately, the actors had already left and the crew was packing up equipment but the trucks remained in the area. The parking signs posted stated that the shoot would last from 6 AM until 2 AM. Talk about a long day! I believe there were some indoor scenes being shot as well, but we won't find out until May 1, when "The Consoler" airs on USA.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vincent D'Onofrio-Meet the Director Part 4

Vincent and Sam talk about the twist ending for DGITW (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!)

Vincent also talks about the horror film "High Tension" and the leap of faith needed to follow the plot of that film and DGITW. Finally, he speculates about doing another horror film, even a possible sequel to DGITW. Rock and roll can drive you crazy, indeed! LOL

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet the Director Part 3-November 22, 2010

Vincent discusses how DuArt was essential in helping him finish his film "Don't Go In The Woods" while staying within budget. He also emplains that "If you're making a musical, it should sound good." Vincent also discusses his directorial debut "Five Minutes, Mr. Welles" and why he didn't want CGI effects in "DGITW" although he could have afforded them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius sings "Butterflies" in tribute to Michael Jackson

Marsha was an original member of the R&B duo Floetry and they wrote and recorded the original version of this song made famous by Michael Jackson on his album "Invincible."

Marsha Ambrosius-"Hope She Cheats (On You With A Basketba

This was filmed in City Hall Park last August 2010. My most viewed clip of all the ones I've posted on YuTube to date, second only to the Meet and Greet video I made with Vincent in July 2010. Wow!

Meet the Director Part 2-November 22, 2010

Here Vincent discusses the inspiration for doing a horror musical and the challenges of sustaining tension while integrating great songs into a horror film, likening it to "suicide" and "sabotage."

Meet the Director Part 1-November 22, 2010

Vincent and his fellow panelists describe the process of creating the songs and matching them with the various characters of the film, "Don't Go In The Woods." Vincent also explained that his determination to make the film caused him to keep the film under wraps until he and his crew were ready to shoot the film in the summer of 2008. His manager, lawyer and agent were unaware of Vincent's upcoming project, and he explains why it was a secret. Sneaky!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet the Director-Introduction November 22, 2010

Here is the introduction to the Meet the Director event at NYIT last November 22, 2010. Vincent was the last of the five panelists to be introduced and made quite the grand entrance. I was sitting in the front row, last seat to the right of the stage. Gotta admit, I had a great view of the action! But wait, there's more!

Stay tuned.