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Sunday, November 6, 2011

DGITW Q&A P3-October 22, 2011

Vincent answers more questions about "Don't Go In The Woods," including the type of camera used to make the film and the directing process. Things get really interesting when I ask Vincent about "Johnny and Me" and refer back to his previous remarks about the film and autism at the Woodstock Film Festival Artist's Panel on September 25, 2011. Vincent says that the script is not yet finished and explains that he's having difficulty writing it because the story is so personal for him. The plot is concerning a man with Asperger's syndrome with a fixation on Johnny Cash and his relationship with his daughter. Vincent also relates how he was inspired to create the story in the first place and says he'll continue to work on the film. I was glad to hear him say this and expressed my support for the film. I really do hope Vincent makes "Johnny and Me" and that he knows the positive impact this project would have on the autism community and on the public at large. Thank you, Vincent!

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  1. Thank-you as always. I hope also that Johnny and Me will some day hit the theaters, it will certainly bring much needed awareness to the public that are not sure about autism, and have wrong misconceptions. As you know, we have mental health issues in my family, Bipolar, and in my one way try to discuss this as much as I know how to, this also has such misconceptions. It's like shut up and don't talk about it, because you are just crazy, but I try to let people know that Bipolar doesn't mean you are crazy. Even though as a teenager, a so called professional did call me crazy and didn't want to see me anymore. Thank-you again.