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Sunday, November 6, 2011

DGITW Q&A P2-October 22, 2011

Vincent answers a question about one of the characters in "Don't Go In The Woods" for which he created the concept, the masked killer, and cagily sidesteps the next question, since he would have then revealed the killer's identity. I won't reveal it, either, but I can tell you that there's a twist in the plot that will surprise you. Vincent and Erika also answer a question about "Five Minutes, Mr. Welles" and how making that film compared to making DGITW. Vincent also revealed that he and Sam are collaborating on the screen adaptation of Eric Bogosian's novel "Mall" and are also writing a new film with music to be composed by Sam. Sam also talks about an element of that plot twist and reminisces about his own experiences dealing with record producers as a young musician and being told to get rid of his band, which was made up of musician friends of his. He also pointed out that I was filming the Q&A at one point, which caught me off guard. Oy! Vincent starts joking with Sam again, saying "Sam is way ahead of us" when Sam explained why he didn't want to reveal the movie's ending even though we had just watched the film, and Vincent points his microphone towards Sam and says "Tell us about it, Sam." Vincent and Sam banter continuously during the Q&A and it is fun to watch them in action, like a professional comedy duo. Will the soundtrack be released for public consumption? Vincent says "Let's see how the film does first" then Sam jokes about leaking the tracks! Vincent predicts "a massive lawsuit" would result. LOL

The third part is the best, by far. Stay tuned for my question to Vincent about "Johnny and Me."

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