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Monday, November 7, 2011

BAFF Q&A-November 6, 2011

The director of "Mother's House" Davis Hall and cast member Eddie Schweighardt appeared on Sunday afternoon for a Q&A at the 8th Annual Big Apple Film Festival at the Tribeca Cinemas. Following the Program 40 screening of short films "A Younger Man," "The Burying Beetle," "Mother's House" and "Mikel's Faith," Eddie was so cute whe he asked Mr. Hall if he always wanted to be a director.

I saw "Mother's House" for the first time and I found the film to be an engrossing, sexy and creepy tale with a tragic twist straight out of "The Sixth Sense." If Vincent had directed this movie, he might have called it "Don't Go In The House." :)

The really cool thing is that I saw "Mother's House" in the same screening room where we saw "Don't Go In The Woods" last year and the Q&A with the director and screenwriters. Now that was one crazy night!

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  1. So cool, thank you for the clip. I'm glad you enjoyed Mother's House.