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Mystic Pizza Box
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet The Director Video-Vincent D'Onofrio Q&A Pt 2 11-22-2010

Last night's Q&A at the NYIT Center for Communication followed a screening of "Don't Go In The Woods" and was moderated by Brad Balfour, featuring DGITW director Vincent D'Onofrio, co-screenwriters Sam Bisbee and Joe Vinceguerra and actor Cassandra Walker. The Q&A was about an hour long and included questions from the audience about the making of the film. I sat in the front row right in front of Vincent so I had a great view of him in his black suit, white shirt, black loafers (Size 13) and black socks. I have posted the introduction to the film by Sam Bisbee and a video of the last four minutes of the Q&A with Vincent. The bulk of my footage is nearly an hour long, so I will post it later. It's taking awhile to upload it, so enjoy these shorter clips.

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