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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meet The Director Q and A at NYIT Part 1 11-22-2010

This is most of the Q&A at NYIT, which lasted about an hour from 9 to 10 PM. Vincent discussed many aspects of making the film, Don't Go In The Woods," including how he decided to make a rock horror musical in the first place, the importance of "a good song" and how a musical should sound good, his effort to get his actors to sound natural and speak with a flat tone, his observation that "everybody sings these days" and how the popularity of "Glee" has helped his movie "a lot," and how combining the elements of horror and music was like sabotage("You mean suicide?") since music actually breaks the tension a horror film is meant to create. Vincent also described how DuArt was critical in helping him with post-production on the film for "almost nothing" and how Michael Erman assisted in "grandfathering" DGITW into the film festival circuit to gain more exposure for the film and help sell it to Tribeca Films for distribution, a deal that was just finalized on 11-22-2010. During the second part of the Q&Q when members of the audience were able to ask questions, Vincent also explained how he embraced the absurdity of the plot of DGITW and decided to "let it play out" and would not rule out plans for a sequel or another horror film if it can be a similar low-budget affair. DGITW was filmed in 12 days on a $100,000.00 budget. Vincent also declared how much he loved acting, saying "It's my whole life, everything I do." To one young actor/writer, Vincent emphasized that "You have to be writing all the time" in order to become a good writer and described his early days as a struggling actor driving cabs, working as a bouncer in clubs, etc, and said that he continued to act "all the time" in order to sharpen his skills. "What better things do you have to do than what you love? Nothing." After a round of applause from the audience, Vincent told the young lady, "Go home and write."

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