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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

J&R Music World Signing 11-16-2010 with Quincy Jones!

Tonight I met musical legend and record producer Quincy Jones at J&R Music World in downtown Manhattan near City Hall Park. I arrived at about 4:30 PM straight from my job nearby and patiently waited for Mr. Jones' impending arrival for the 6 PM signing of his new CD, book and line of stereo headphones. I had purchased two copies of his new CD "Soul Bossa Nostra" for myself and my brother Alberto for Mr. Jones to sign. The book by Quincy Jones, called "The Quincy Jones Legacy Series: Q on Producing," described his career as a record producer and detailed his work with many artists of the past and present, including the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Two of my friends from work were supposed to meet me at the store later so they could also meet Quincy Jones. David arrived at nearly 6 PM but his wife Ellen waited for him at the office, as she is recovering from leg surgery and cannot remain on her feet very long. Mr. Jones finally arrived at 6:30 PM to thunderous applause from the many fans, including myself, who comprised a long line that stretched from inside the store to around the corner of Park Row. Luckily, I had arrived early enough to get a spot on line inside the store, as it was expected to rain heavily later tonight. We were limited to taking pics before approaching the autograph table and were not permitted to pose with Mr. Jones due to time constraints. Also, no personalizations of autographs for the same reason, so I snapped a few photos before my turn to meet the legendary Quincy Jones, recipient of numerous awards and producer of the biggest-selling album-to this day-"Thriller."  I was nervously thinking about what to say to Mr. Jones when I met him and I remember saying "Thank you. I'm such a fan" and "Thank you. Have a good night."  Quincy signed his name to both CD booklets and said to me "Thank you." Outside the store, David and I picked up free Quincy Jones posters for his new CD before we left. It didn't start raining until I got home, thank goodness!

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. I gave one of the autographed Cds to my brother Alberto as a birthday gift. He liked it a lot!