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Mystic Pizza Box
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pawn Shop Chronicles-New VDO film

"Pawn Shop Chronicles" screenwriter Adam Minarovich says Brendan Fraser is the Elvis Personator in this article in the Independent Mail. We have learned that Fraser's role is that of RICKY BALDOSKI- An Elvis impersonator by night, a volunteer EMT by day, Ricky is a self-deluded showman wearing a really bad Elvis outfit, complete with the classic Elvis haircut. Convinced he's "livin' the dream," Ricky has come to a hick little Georgia town to perform at a local fair, but first he has a run-in with a persuasive gentleman with an interest in Ricky's soul. And we are told, but not confirmed, that Vincent's role is that of ALTON - Burly and bearded, not the most pleasant man in the world, he is the owner of a General Lee's Pawn and Discount Beer in Erwin County, Georgia. When he's not dickering with a customer, he's shooting the breeze/arguing with Johnson, a regular fixture at the pawn shop.

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