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Friday, June 15, 2012

Brooklyn Internatioonal Theater Reading of "Our BK" at Brooklyn Museum 6-14-2012

Yesterday was quite exciting in NYC! Earlier in the afternoon, President Obama stopped by to visit the World Trade Center site and autograph a steel beam that will be placed in the new 9/11 Memorial Museum at the site. I could not actually see the president from our 9th office floor windows on Church Street, directly overlooking the WTC site, but I caught a glimpse of the presidential motorcade whizzing by us amidst the frenzy by local news crews to report on the visit. This happened just after 5 PM, as I was leaving work and on my way to the Brooklyn Museum for a staged reading of Nelson George's new play "Our BK" for the brand new Brooklyn International Theater, co-founded by Mr. George with Annabella Sciorra (Detective Carol Barek on season 5 of LOCI). After the 7 PM reading of the play, which was partly inspired by "Our Town" and featured Annabella Sciorra as the narrator, Angel, a gum-chewing, wisecracking Brooklynite, I met Annabella and chatted with her a bit. She is a life long Brooklynite, born in Crown Heights and currently living in Williamsburg, not far from me, but she's moving soon. Coney Island is one of Annabella's favorite places to visit and she does so on a weekly basis (she even saved some pieces of the old wooden planks from the original Coney Island Boardwalk, which are being replaced with plastic-ugh!) I was flattered when I first introduced myself to Annabella and she looked at me carefully and asked "Have we met?" Of course this was my first time ever meeting her but it was so cool that I reminded her of someone she knew. :) I'll have lots more to add to this post later today. It's late and I must sleep now. More news and pics coming! Good night. The reading of "Our BK" featured several actors familiar to LOCI fans, including Annabella herself, of course, who starred in Season 5 as Detective Barek, the first of Logan's three partners at the MCS. Another LOCI veteran is Mr. Reg. E. Cathay, who played Professor Sanderson on the Season 2 episode "Anti-Thesis" which introduced us to Nicole Wallace, Detective Goren's greatest nemesis. Following the reading was a Q&A featuring all four founders of the Brooklyn International Theater-Alix Lambert, Daniel Simmons, Nelson George and Annabella Sciorra. Although the theater company does not have a permanent home as yet, several sites in Brooklyn are being considered, including locations in Bedford Stuyvesant and downtown Brooklyn. Another event will take place on December 10, 2012 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and will feature readings of short plays by Brooklyn playwrights, some well-known and some up and comers.

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