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Friday, March 2, 2012

YAI NETWORK Advocacy for People with Disabilities-Urgent Action Needed!

Urgent Action Needed to Protect Services for People with Disabilities

Find Your Representatives




Events in Albany are moving quickly. Governor Cuomo has presented his Executive budget for Fiscal year 2012-13 and the NY State Assembly and NY State Senate are currently reviewing the proposals as they prepare their own versions of the budget. The Governor’s budget contains many items which will affect over 130,000 New Yorkers with developmental disabilities and programs and services provided by organizations like the YAI Network. Additionally, New York State is seeking to reform the current system of services and funding. It is essential that Families, Self-Advocates, Staff and other stakeholders get involved in Advocacy now to ensure that services do not suffer.

Now is our chance to impact the final budget.

Here’s how to get involved:


•Read a position paper on the 2012-13 New York State Executive Budget developed by NYSACRA.

•Some key areas that are targeted in the budget are Early Intervention, Adult Services and Special Needs Schools

•Find out information on the 1115 Waiver, a new Federal funding source which New York State is seeking that will radically change the way families and self advocates access services.

•Call both your State Assembly member and your State Senator in their Albany offices today (if you don’t know who your legislators are, or how to reach them, use the links to the right).

•Use these talking points to speak with whoever answers the phone.

•Please remember, you are not calling on behalf of YAI, you are calling on behalf of all New Yorkers with developmental disabilities, their families and the agencies that serve them.
Follow up

•Please email me at to let me know that you made the calls, so that we can track our collective impact.

•Sign up to keep updated about current advocacy efforts.

•The coming days will be decisive and your involvement will make a difference. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

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