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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My E-mail to Jeff Wachtel & USA Network 6-24-2011

We were overjoyed to see Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe return to LO:CI after the disastrous Season 9 without them. Season 10 was a miraculous gift, albeit all too brief at only eight episodes.If the idea was to leave us wanting more, you've succeeded, because so many fans, including myself, want LO:CI back for a full 11th season. Eight episodes are not enough to allow the Goren and Eames characters the closure they truly deserve. Even after Columbo ended, there were several TV movies made after this legendary series came to a close featuring the original star Peter Falk, who has just passed away. Detective Goren, as portrayed by the brilliant Vincent D'Onofrio, is a direct descendant of Lt. Columbo, with his unusual mannerisms, clever deductions, insightful observations and determination in solving crimes and seeking justice for the victims of crime. Of course, Goren is unique in that he has a partner, Detective Eames, who is every bit as determined and clever as he and a perfect foil for him. They make a great team onscreen and Goren wouldn't be quite as brilliant as he is without her. What a shame it would be to lose them now when they just returned to their rightful places in the annals of TV history as two of the greatest TV detectives ever on network or basic cable television.

Please bring back Law and Order:Criminal Intent for another season and give the actors and the fans what we want-more LO:CI!


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  1. Going to email him and add the mr wachtel pic i did with vince behind the locked door :)