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Saturday, June 18, 2011

LO:CI Reshoot on Horatio Street 6-17-2011

32As I was about to go to bed last night, I checked Twitter for updates and saw a tweet from OLV announcing that LO:CI was filming reshoots on Friday, June 17 on Gansevoort and Washington Streets. Whoa! I thought, as you all did, that filming had wrapped on May 26, 2011. More recently, we were shocked when the "fire sale" at Chelsea Piers was announced last week and by Vincent's radio interview two days ago where he confirmed that LO:CI was over "forever" after this season ends. As Captain Ross once said, "What should I think?"

Well, the news came too late for me to arrange time off from work, so I ventured over to the set during my lunch hour this afternoon. Good thing I got there before it started raining, since the sky was overcast all day with intermittent showers, which added to the humidity and heat. Uggh!

I was only able to stay for about 1/2 hour but I was able to see Vincent and Kate as Detectives Goren and Eames once more. The only two actor trailers on Gansevoort Street were theirs, and not the same ones I've seen on previous shoots. Also, Vincent's Escalade had a different license plate from the car I've seen before. Kate's Denali was the same one, I think.

I tooks pics and a video on Horatio Street while the crew took a break from filming between 12:45 PM and 1:15 PM. Kate greeted a friend on set and hugged him twice while Vincent stood nearby, beaming with approval. They were standing in front of Eames' car parked outside 71 Horatio Street, where they had been filming an exterior scene. I think this scene was a reshoot of the scene filmed on May 26 on Broadway and 22nd Street, since Vincent and Kate were wearing clothes very similar to those they wore for the previous shoot. This scene may also involve the outcome of Goren's last session with Dr. Paula Gyson. We'll know for sure when the last LO:CI episode "To The Boy In The Blue Knit Cap" airs on Sunday, June 26 on the USA Network.

I spotted several tourists and passersby observing and taking pictures also. Erika Hampson was on set once again and sat next to Kate when she and Vincent sat under the tent where the cast chairs were placed. As much as I wanted to remain on set and watch the cast film another scene, I had to get back to work by 1:30 PM and took the A express train back downtown. I returned to the set after work at 4:30 PM only to discover that the cast and crew had already left. Even the No Parking signs were gone, but they were probably ruined by the rain shower that happened after I returned to work. The filming must have wrapped early due to the weather, which is just as well. Still, I'm sorry that it's over. It's been challenging and, at times,stressful, to attempt to cover one filming for every one of the eight episodes since filming began on February 14 and officially ended on May 26. I've also had a lot of fun, learned a lot about the process of filming TV shows in New York, met some cool people on set and got to speak to Vincent and Kate on several occasions. The only episode I wasn't successful in getting pics or video on set was for "Trophy Wine," not that I didn't try. Unfortunately, I received the news about the City Winery shoot on March 14 too late and I missed the chance to go. That's one of the reasons I decided to get a smartphone, which I now use constantly to surf the web, post tweets and pics on Twitter and Facebook, update my blog, and, of course, make calls. The camera on my HTC Inspire phone is pretty cool, 8 MP with a zoom feature. I've taken many pics with my new phone since I bought it in late March and you've seen many of them here.

Here are some more for you to enjoy. Awesome!

This is where the murder scene in "The Last Street In Manhattan" was likely filmed:


  1. Thank you Blance for another visit of the set. Unbelievable that we got a final after the final. Maybe we get even more?

    I love the pictures where Kathryn hugged this guy. Her face and Vincent' beautiful.

    I can't wait to watch that episode although there is that sadness, too.

  2. P.S. Kathryn needed to be back at Atlantic Theater for her two plays starting 7:30. They couldn't film until the night.

  3. Actually, Kate is onstage tonight, the 18th, but she may have had a rehearsal yesterday. The weather was bad in the afternoon, and we had several heavy showers into the early evening, with claps of thunder! (Oh Thor, mighty God of...) LOL. Thank you, Antje, for your support and the wonderful contributions of your site, Lovely Kathryn. Your latest post on the reshoot is terrific! Thanks for the contact information for TPTB. Let's all bug them from here to kingdom come so we can have our Goren and Eaames back next season.

  4. You're welcome Blanca. But I'm very sure that Kathryn is not only on stage at 18th...Series C of 10x25 with her two plays runs from June 15 to 26. ;o)

    Will you join one night?

  5. Perhaps. If I do go, I'll give you a full report. :)

  6. Cool, you have a few more days left.