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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kill The Irishman Q&A at AMC Empire 25 Theatre Part 1-3-26-2011

Vincent and Jonathan discuss why "Kill The Irishman" was filmed in Detroit instead of Cleveland, the digital Sony camera used to make the film, recreating the 1970's period setting for the story, and Vincent's awesome blue Lincoln used in the film. Vincent also talked about working with his co-stars Ray Stevenson, Val Kilmer and Christopher Walken. Vincent complimented Ray on having that "leading man thing" and recalled working with other leading man types in previous films, saying that "It's nice when people aren't assholes, you know." Vincent also praised director Jonathan Hensleigh's work ethic and how he helped set the tone on the set.

Please try not to be distracted by the way Vincent nervously tosses about his microphone. LOL He tends to be fidgety at times during these events, gesturing broadly with his hands while speaking, scratching his face, swinging his leg back and forth, etc.  I don't believe he's even aware how much he fidgets or that he intends to be rude at all. I find Vincent fascinating in all respects.

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