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Mystic Pizza Box
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goren and Eames at the VSF Florist Shop on 3-23-2011

Major Case detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames were on the case this afternoon on West 4th Street in Greenwich Village. The temperature was just above freezing, with a steady rain throughout the day, and a clammy chill in the air. Yet, Goren and Eames were unrelenting in their pursuit of evil, as always. As Bobby stepped out of the florist shop to meet Eames, they became engrossed in conversation as they strolled along West 4th Street towards the black Escalade parked on the corner near 7th Avenue South. Could they have been debating the innocence or guilt of their suspects Nyle Brite and Debra Brite, or discussing a newly discovered piece of evidence clearing their suspects? Perhaps the lovely blooms inside the shop inspired their wishing for an early spring? Or maybe they were cursing the terrible weather, or deciding where to stop for lunch on the way back to One Police Plaza? Hmm, we'll have to wait until May to find out when the new episode of "Law and Order:Criminal Intent" entitled "Rispetto" airs on USA.

The LO:CI crew were filming in Greenwich Village for the second day in a row on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Yesterday they were filming on Washington Street, not far from today's shoot near Christopher Street, and the weather was sunny and more pleasant, near 50 degrees. Today was a different story, with snow turning to rain in the morning. When I arrived for today's shoot, Vincent was standing under a black umbrella smoking a Camel cig before he and Kate rehearsed and shot their scene outside the VSF florist shop between 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM. After the scene was completed, Vincent headed towards his car and headed out, probably to his trailer or for a spot of lunch in the area. He and Kate looked wonderful, and Kate was truly radiant, even in the rain.

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