Mystic Pizza Box

Mystic Pizza Box
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vincent signs my stuff 3-24-2014

Vincent signed several DVDs that I presented in the lobby of the Public Theater after his show with Slim Bone Head Volt. The two items I then gave to Ruby for the next NLEOMF online auction are 1. Blu-ray of Full Metal Jacket signed by Vincent D'Onofrio and Arliss Howard and 2. VHS copy of Strange Days signed by Vincent D'Onofrio. The other items I will auction later on for our annual Central Park Challenge fundraiser in June for autism awareness. Vincent commented when I told him that Arliss Howard had previously signed the FMJ Blu-ray "He's doing a play at the Cherry Lane." and I told him I had just seen "Ode to Joy" recently. Vincent asked me "Is it good?" I told him an emphatic "Yes!" I hope he sees the play soon before it closes on April 19, 2014. Kate, Arliss and Roxanna are all terrific in Craig Lucas' play about a painter struggling with addiction while recalling her past relationships with the two loves of her life. Photo courtesy of Chris Carr

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