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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kathryn Erbe Offstage-post-Sunday matinee 1-22-2012

Alberto's Snowy Mountains 2012 drawing-crayon and pencil on paper.

Alberto's Valentine Heart 2012-red construction paper with message written by me to Kate with a black Sharpie pen.

Message-To Kate, Thank you for a spectacular ten years on LO:CI. Wishing you the best in 2012 and beyond. Much Love, Blanca Acevedo

Yosemite postcard with envelope and ticket stub for Sunday 3 PM performance.

Back of Yosemite postcard

Yosemite set photo-center stage

Yosemite set photo-stage right

Kathryn Erbe holding the Valentine Heart, handmade by my brother

Kathryn is holding the drawing Alberto's Snowy Mountains 2012, her second gift from me and Alberto

My WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL 2011 program signed by Kathryn Erbe

Close-up of Kathryn Erbe's message to me.:)

Yosemite program signed by Kathryn Erbe

Close-up of Kate's message to me

First half of blurb inside Yosemite program about Kate

Second part of blurb about Kate inside Yosemite program

As you can imagine, I was very excited about seeing "Yosemite" this past Sunday, since this would mark Kathryn Erbe's first stage appearance in 2012 and her second play in New York since shooting wrapped on Season 10 of LO:CI in June 2011. (Not counting her appearance in Dirty Laundry for the Playwrights Horizon fundraiser last fall) What else could get me out of the house in freezing below 30 degrees weather on a Sunday afternoon? Alberto had been making Valentine hearts at home last weekend so I asked him to make a large heart for me. He did such a great job that I decided to give the heart to Kate after the Sunday matinee, along with a beautiful drawing of snow covered mountains I had also commissioned from my artist brother. I wrote a message on the heart for Kate and carefully placed both works of art in a large manila envelope which I would give to Kate.

After watching Kate's stunning performance as Julie, a troubled welfare mom still mourning the death of her first husband and unable to face the loss of her infant son or her eldest son's wrath, I stepped outside the theater on Waverly Place so I could congratulate her. Kate was quickly swarmed by a small group of fans when she emerged from the theater just after 4:30 PM but I was soon able to speak with her. She remembered me from our previous meetings last year and said hi to me as I embraced her and wished her a happy new year. I congratulated Kate on her new play and told her that her performance had taken my breath away. She was happy to see me and said so as I presented the envelope with Alberto's art to her. She was very impressed and said that the heart and drawing were beautiful! I told Kate that Alberto is learning to paint on canvas at school now and creates art at home all the time.

Kate was sweet enough to pose for photos holding each artwork, despite the cold and breezy weather. Good thing Kate was bundled up for the occasion, with her heavy gray winter coat and matching scarf, black gloves and black knit cap. :) I was wearing my black leather jacket and heavy wool sweater underneath and dark blue jeans, but I had to remove my leather gloves to work the camera on my smartphone and my hands got cold very quickly. I didn't ask to pose with Kate for a photo this time but instead asked her to sign my programs for the WFF 2011 and Yosemite, which she was very happy to do. I also complimented Kate on her performance in Mother's House, which I had seen at the Big Apple Film Festival in November 2011 and was screened at the WFF last September. I also mentioned that I had seen 3 Backyards last year and that this film is been aired on Showtime this month. Kate was surprised but glad to hear this.

Finally, I told Kate how much I liked her darker hair, and she replied "I was tired of being a blond, so I wanted to go back to my real hair color." Actually, close-up, Kate's hair still appears to be highlighted, although the hue is more copper-toned than blond. Kate explained that the old blond highlights she had still "bleed through" despite the fact that she dyed her hair a darker color, but in time her hair will grow out and darken further. To me, Kate is beautiful, blond or brunette. She thanked me and Alberto for the artwork and she also thanked me for coming to see her play. I told Kate that I would post a review and pics on my blog and that I would see Yosemite again in February. As we said goodbye, I was so relieved and pleased that this afternoon had turned out so well, and very proud that Alberto's talent is being appreciated by such a lovely and talented artist in her own right, Kathryn Erbe.

I also posted the photos of Kate holding Alberto's heart and drawing on Facebook and Twitter and got a very positive response from my friends, my niece Amanda and Alberto's teacher Carrie, who posted this comment on my Facebook page "So awesome!!!" Wow, the kid's gonna be famous! :D


  1. I know Kathryn is always kind to her fans and takes the time to chat with them but I can read stories about it over and over again.

    Wonderful photos.

  2. Glad to see Kate is being successful on stage, just wish I could see some of the plays. I don't think I'll see her or Vincent living in a small town in Australia. She's such a sweetie to do these sorts of things for her fans, especially after her freaky stalker.