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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LO:CI on location in NYC

The New York Supreme Court at 60 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan, near One Police Plaza. I took this picture from Foley Square, directly across the street.

Foley Square Park and fountain between Centre, Pearl and Lafayette Streets.

United States Courthouse on Centre Street near One Police Plaza.

Another view of the Supreme Court building at 60 Centre Street.

Many scenes from LO:CI have been filmed here, including the scene from "Proud Flesh" when Eames shoots Chance Slaughter on the steps of the Supreme Court building.

Foley Square fountain with the Supreme Court building in the background.

Various scenes form LOCI have been filmed here, including the meeting between Bobby and Frank Goren in "Untethered."

A full view of the Foley Square fountain and the United States Courthouse.
The opening scene of "Playing Dead" was also filmed here featuring Councilman Hayes-Fitzgerald and his mother.  

"The True Administration of Justice is the Firmest Pillar of Good Government"
Legend that appears on the Supreme Court building at 60 Centre Street.

Close-up of Supreme Court entrance.

Astor Place island directly across from the Astor Place subway station at Lafayette Street and Astor Place.
The ransom drop scene from the LO"CI Season 8 episode "Folie a Deux" was filmed here.

View of Astor Place island from E. 8th Street and Lafayette Street (front of Chase Bank).

Sculpture at Astor Place island.

Trash can similar to the one used in the ransom drop scene in "Folie a Deux" where Eames places the bag containing 2 million dollars (plus a GPS device).

Just around the corner from Joe's Pub, where Vincent has performed in concert as his alter ego, George Geronimo Gerkie.

Triumph of the Human Spirit sculpture in Foley Square.

NYPD mosaic at Astor Place.

Plaque below sculpture at Astor Place.

Astor Place subway station featured in the LO:CI episode "Folie a Deux". Eames follows the man who picked up the money into the station while Goren observes from inside a van across the street.

Corner in the Lower East Side featured in the film "Happy Accidents."

Formerly known as The Ritz back in the 1980's, Webster Hall is a music venue located on East 11th Street, just a few blocks away from Joe's Pub and Astor Place. Vincent was a bartender at The Ritz in the early 1980's while he was studying acting in New York City and when he made "It Don't Pay to be an Honest Citizen".  

Park located on Delancey Street between Chrystie and Forsyth Streets in the Lower East Side. 

247 East Broadway near Clinton and Grand Streets in the Lower East Side. This building was featured in an exterior shot as Ruby Weaver's apartment in the film "Happy Accidents."

Another view of 247 East Broadway.

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