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Saturday, May 28, 2011

LOCI Filming in Central Park-Kate and Vincent say hi-May 26, 2011

Kate arrived first on set at the Pond in Central Park and finished putting on her Detective Eames props,including her gun, badge and handcuffs. She turned around to see a crowd observing her and said, "Oh my goodness gracious. Hi." Of course, I said hi back. What a gorgeous woman she is, and so sweet-natured. Sitting in Vincent's chair next to Kate is Erika Hampson, whose has been spotted previously on set for "The Last Street in Manhattan" and "Icarus". While I'm trying to take pictures and video at the same time, Vincent arrives and I exclaim "Oh, finally" after waiting over an hour to see them both. He walks towards the set and turns to see us and he waves! He smiles when he sees me and I just melt, despite the fact that I was feeling so crappy earlier. I wanted to witness the last day of filming for LO:CI and it was well worth the effort to be there. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Law and Order:Criminal Intent Filming in Central Park 5-26-2011

Despite being ill for several days, I was determined to visit the LO:CI set on the last day of filming for Season 10. This morning I got up feeling like hell and made an appointment to see my doctor. However, I found out he wouldn't be available until 2 PM today because of some stupid adminstrative meeting and my health care center had no other covering doctor. Anyway, I made the appointment by phone, called in sick at work and headed out into the city by subway. I reached midtown by 9:30 AM and walked from W.57th Street up two blocks and turned right on Central Park South. Along the way, I spotted several To Set signs and followed them across the street from the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue to the park.

The signs pointed towards the famous Pond at Central Park, where the LO:CI crew were already setting up for an exterior shoot. Awesome! The weather was sunny and quite warm already so I didn't even need my jacket. Well, having found a comfortable park bench where I could get a great view, I watched the crew rehearse with stand-ins for Vincent, Kate and the female guest star. I gotta say, Vincent's stand-in resembles Raymond J. Barry more than anything. LOL

After I waited over an hour, Kate and Vincent finally arrived on set, after the director Barbara Stoila, who also directed "Cadaver" last month. Unfortunately, we were all cleared away from the benches by the crew after the rehearsal was over, because we would then be in camera range and they couldn't afford to pay all of us "extras." Har har. Only the actual extras were allowed to remained seated near the Pond when filming began. So much for my great view. We ended up on the other end of the pathway to the Pond and further away than I would have liked. I had to remain standing the whole time I was observing the filming so I could at least take some pics and video, which wasn't easy. Despite it all, I was able to get some good pics. Video, well, I'm not happy with the distance issue but I may post some of it later.

Kate and Vincent arrived in costume and ready to roll, except that Kate needed to change her shoes and put on the famous Eames boots, which she did right in front of us. She turned around and exclaimed "My goodness gracious" and flashed that lovely smile of hers and said "Hi" to us. She is simply marvelous! Kate also tucked her prop handcuffs in the back of her blue jeans as Vincent appeared in a gorgeous blue suit. Great shirt and tie combo, too! Vincent and Kate were prepped for filming by the hair and makeup people and Vincent also chatted with the director "Babs" Stoila before filming began at 11 AM. In the scene shot, Goren and Eames are talking to a young woman near the Pond and Goren sits next to the woman on a bench while he and Eames question her.

Just before noon, Vincent walked over to craft services to get a diet Coke and he chatted with fans observing him as he returned to the set. He saw me earlier and waved right after he arrived and I waved back and said hi. The guy next to me was very enthusiastic when Vincent asked him "Where are you from?" and he exclaimed "Scotland!" although he nows lives on Pennsylvania. :) To this, Vincent replied "Welcome to the United States!" Da-dum!

I wanted to stay longer until filming was finished but I didn't want to miss my appointment and I left before 12:30 PM and took the train back to Brooklyn. I wish I had time to stick around and wish Vincent and Kate well and get some more photos, since today was the last day I would see them on set, at least for the time being. For awhile, I almost forgot I was sick, and it was worth the trouble I took to be in Central Park this morning. Next Saturday, I'll be back in Central Park with my walk team for the Central Park Challenge for the YAI Network, as I have written about in a previous post. Highest donation to Alberto Acevedo's Team for the 3K Walk will qualify for the LO:CI cap signed by Vincent on May 3 that I kept. The second cap and LO:CI t-shirt Vincent signed were donated for the Meth Cops fundraiser in Utah, also on June 4.

I have mostly great memories of covering the new season of "Law and Order:Criminal Intent" and will always be grateful to Vincent and Kate for making this experience truly special. As I do wish for NBC to wise up and renew LO:CI for an 11th season, at least I can be content that we have a Season 10 to enjoy, and I am proud to have been able to bring you some of the behind the scenes action on set. Whew! Now I can rest. LOL

For now.